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See how our amazing, electric, concealed pressure cleaner demolishes tough grease on a Fort Myers restaurant floor. With no spray-back and overall more efficiency than standard pressure cleaning, AmeriClean’s spinner pressure cleaner is the ultimate in restaurant cleaning tools.

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Ft Myers: 239-936-3334• Naples: 239-596-9696

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AmeriClean indoor spinning pressure cleaningAmeriClean, Southwest Florida’s leading commercial and residential cleaning company for the past 3 decades, is proud to introduce its newest weapon for indoor and outdoor cleaning – the pressure cleaning Mytee Spinner tile and grout cleaning tool.

This amazing machine allows AmeriClean to harness the power of a 2,000 PSI pressure cleaner INSIDE your home or business! With its unique saucer shaped encasement to prevent spray-back and its ability to connect with a high volume wet-vac, the Mytee Spinner penetrates dirt with a high power flow of water that is instantaneously extracted from the surface.

The name Spinner comes from the uniquely designed jet system. The two jets are positioned on opposite ends of a metal rod. Both jets are angled to propel the rod in a spinning motion. This spinning motion not only provides a wider range of cleaning per pass, but also prevents long exposure to direct high pressure; cleaning your grout, not removing it.

For those very sensitive to cleaning chemicals or chemical smells, AmeriClean’s Spinner can do more with clear tap water than any other non-cleaning agent method. While the Spinner can do amazing things with water alone, some tile and grout jobs will require the use of AmeriClean’s biodegradable cleaners to break through the excess residue before the tile and grout can truly be cleaned.

Incredible power-vacuuming hand held pressure cleanerIn addition to providing incredible tile and grout cleaning power inside your home or business, AmeriClean’s Spinner is fully equipped to handle that challenging outdoor tile flooring. The wide cleaning area of AmeriClean’s Spinner allows a much more thorough cleaning of outdoor tile in less time than previous methods allowed.

Where AmeriClean’s Spinner REALLY shows its power is when it faces a true tile and grout cleaning challenge. Watch our video showing the power of the Spinner against a dirty restaurant floor!

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